About VSC

VSC stands for Venom Skillers Clan, a small RuneScape clan. You can find some information about us here, and (if you are interested) you can check out our members' experience here!

We have been around since late 2001, possibly making us one of the oldest clans around. Unfortunately we've had fewer active years than we have current members, which is why we're still such a small and low-key group.

We are just about twelve years old! Of course, RuneScape itself didn't exist until mid-2001 so this clan's birthday is probably closer to the end of the year. Membership is 100% different now anyway!

We currently have very, very few active members and lately we focus more on money-making through skills (and alching, we admit it) - but then again, skill training has always been our focus and money-making simply a nice side benefit.

We have practically no standards for membership beyond that you must be a decent person. However, since we admittedly do little more than share friendly advice, many players do not feel we are the right fit for them. Some go so far as to claim we are not a "proper clan," whatever that means.

We don't do clan activities. We just are all part of the same "group." Historically, VSC has had a "core" group of members who have known each other and/or been members of the clan for anywhere from five to eight years, so why we remain a small and tight-knit group ought to be more apparent and justifiable.

Our current clan leader is known as NullCoding in RuneScape, and also happens to be Jaska, who is in charge of this entire website and pays for the server, hosting, and bandwidth, as well as all the coffee that makes development possible. Currently, VSC maintains a web application (see below) to aid in alching. If you do not know what alching is, it's rather surprising you have read this far on a page about RuneScape.

Database (beta)

You can find the live beta version of the 'Interactive Alch Table' here! Changes are (usually) recorded, or at least noted, on the blog, so check the "VSC" category tag for more information.

Please note that this database contains items which are (or were) deemed "worthy" of alching in any quantity by the core members of VSC as of February 2013. The represented GE prices are guaranteed accurate, however we cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any monetary losses you may experience! It's just a game, after all. We aren't offering you a "get rich quick" idea, or indeed anything new whatsoever. JaGEx put the High Level Alchemy spell in the game; we are just suggesting how best to use it. Happy alching!