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NullCoding Persists


These mixes were all created with various DJ and/or tracking programs - mostly djay and Kontakt. I think. ALL of these songs are "one-shot" mixes, meaning I did no post-production editing whatsoever. Indeed, the little bit of actual production that went into these mixes is laughable at best (at least, when it doesn't work quite right).

I am aware that the beat-matching is off ever so slightly on a few of the songs. I'm sorry about that. It is absolutely possible that I may go and make proper mixes using Logic and/or FL Studio in the future, especially those few songs that work really well when all of your (and my) common sense scream otherwise.

All that said, this is stuff that's actually somewhat serious. I would sooner consider it "music" than "anti-music," that much is for sure. That means I've taken it somewhat seriously! ;)

For more like this (at least somewhat), check out nullcoding on SoundCloud - that's me!