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Drafts and Scraps


These are some (small and incomplete) samples of some of my original works and remixes. These are called "drafts and scraps" for a good reason! Please consider that before telling the whole internet how crappy my music is. You'll only make a fool of yourself.

Yes, some of the song names (and filenames) are unreasonably long and/or unnecessarily complicated. They help (me) distinguish between different versions of the same song. Sometimes, there may be as many as five (or more) versions of a song, each with different instrumentation, orchestration, mixing, mastering, you name it...but the file size and song length might be exactly the same, and of course they're all stored in the same folder. Filenames do at least contain the date they were exported as previews and/or mixdowns for rendering/sharing purposes.

Most of my songs, especially those made after 2012, contain upwards of 25 unique tracks, most of which are in turn software instruments I have personally designed in Massive or Reaktor from scratch.

As far as DAWs go, I use Garageband from start to finish; the few exceptions are Blinde Instinkt songs, as these tend to require a much greater degree of precision (e.g. for recording guitar and bass parts, not to mention multiple vocal parts). If it's not made in Garageband, I've used Cubase or even (at times) Audacity.

I plan on installing Logic Pro. Someday.

No, really.