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Any questions regarding this website specifically may be directed via e-mail to webmaster at jaska dot me. Specific and/or service-related requests are handled via the Contact page.


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Contents of this website are the property of Jaska Börner, also known as NullCoding, as well as any marques of the NullCoding name, including but not limited to Diversified Creativity, NullCoding Photography, Jaska Börner Photography, the NCPrime software development label used under the NullCoding name, and NullCoding Computer Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of NullCoding Enterprises d/b/a Diversified Creativity.

Diversified Creativity is a sole-proprietor, limited-liability private consulting firm based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA, serving the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey, and Delaware. Information about available photograph restoration and home/SMB computer repair services is available upon request.


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