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This is the personal website of Jaska F. Börner.
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Any item on this site preceded (or followed) by a "new" icon - - has been updated within at most the last month and deserves a look!


For the most part, jaska.me is updated consistently, although it is well worth noting that this site (and indeed the virtual server on which it is hosted) exist first and foremost as a personal "sandbox" for my auto-didacticism. Thus, do not expect anything here to look particularly...shall we say, "polished." I am not a skilled professional web designer, nor would I claim to be! My skills with technology lie primarily in other areas - computer hardware repair, virus/malware/rootkit removal, data archival, that sort of thing. That said, this site and its contents were designed exclusively by me - unless otherwise noted. Credit is always given where credit is due.

This is not a commercial site, nor do I take in any profits (or indeed any revenue at all) from this site. Donations (see link at the bottom of most pages here) are always greatly appreciated. A separate website exclusively for my professional services is currently in the works. Until it is online, please use the contact form to get in touch regarding photograph restorations and IT services.

The most frequently updated parts of the site have to do with my music and photography. For example, please take a look at my 2014 gallery, which represents my most recent works. A 2015 gallery is forthcoming, naturally. I also recommend checking out my music page(s), where I put the original music I make, as well as a bunch of remixes and stuff that isn't typically referred to as music in the first place.

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